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To buy Islamic books and other products for your children please go to the Children's Catalog.  

These are our children's books collection. I have put together a short comment for each book. We like most of them because our children identify with the characters in these books and as Muslim, books written by Muslim authors are among the favorites in our home library. These books facilitate the learning of some Islamic concepts and practices. For example my daughter wanted to wear hijab and memorized Qur'an like the girl in 'Seven Suras Surprise'. She also enjoyed 'The Ramadan Adventure Of Fasfoose Mouse'. We read the same story every Ramadan so that she knows what to expect and 'see' how other Muslim have their Ramadan. 

All these books picture Muslim women with hijab, boys with kufi, girls with little hijab and pictures of people making salah and masjids. All these help reinforce and build Muslim identity. Strong identity help build good strong self esteem therefore help our kids be better Muslim.

I hope these review will help you choose the right books for your children. In my opinion these books are one of the invaluable tools we have in shaping them to be better Muslim whether we are in the West or East. Added to that we are also promoting literacy and love of knowledge to our children who are our assets for the future.

May Allah accept our good deeds.

A Caring Neighbor
by Karema Bouroubi

This is a story about neighbor helping neighbor who was in need. The mother daughter duo not only provided a place for their neighbor's children but also provided them with emotional support and a warm family environment while their mother was in the hospital. 

A Home For Fuzzy
by Dar Al Fatah. 

This story was about three siblings who found a stray kitten near their home. They made dua' to Allah so that their mother will allow them to keep the kitten. The story showed the importance of dua' and how the children had worked together to care for their kitten.

Allah Gave Me Two Eyes To See  
by Fatima M.D'Oyen

A good book to remind little ones to appreciate Allah's gifts. This is definitely not just another book, it teaches young children a very essential points of Islam. Very nicely written with clean, attractive drawings.

Assalamu Alaikum
by The Islamic Foundation

This book introduces kindergarten age children to the greeting of the Muslim. A more  interesting illustration will surely enhance the presentation of this book. 

Fatima's Surprise
by Ediba Kezziez

This is a nice little story about an enthusiastic little girl who had just learned how to write her name. A good book for those who have youngsters who needed a little push in learning how to write. 

Grandfather's Orchard
by Dr. Abidullah Ghazi

This story is about a grandfather loving relationship with his grandchildren. Nicely written.

Grandma's Garden
by Ediba Kezziez

The first children book that dealt  with the death of a grandmother.

Jamal's Prayer Rug
by Kathy Fannoun

This is a wonderful board book for young children. One sentence per page is all the short attention span age can take. Nevertheless it thought the valuable lesson of salah. 

Love Your Brother, Love Your Neighbor
by Khurram Murad

This book contains a collection of short stories. Suitable for age 8 and above. 

Our Book Of Dua'
by Fadel Abdallah

This charming little book is one of our family favorite. The drawings are superb, bright, colorful and artistic. You can find new dua' on each page in Arabic, the transliteration and the translation in English. Some of the dua' that you can find in this book: Dua' when you enter and leave the masjid, your house and the bathroom. Dua' before going to bed and in the morning. Plus lots of other important dua'.

Magid Fasts For Ramadan
by Mary Matthews

Magid tries his best to be a good Muslim even if it means to be go against his mother's wishes. This book bring an issue that should be interesting to discuss with children. Suitable for children ages 9 and up. Look for this book at your local library! If they do not have it you can request them to purchase it.

My Mum Is A Wonder
by Michele Messaoudi

Your child will start seeing you in a different light after you read him this book! Very nicely written. This book comes in a beautiful hard cover.

Surprise in Mommy's Tummy
by Ediba Kezziez.

This was my daughter's favorite when she was around 4 years old while we were expecting a little sister for her. Although this book was written for older children she had me read it to her for over 100 times! The book goes through the process of creation in a language that is easy for children to understand.

The Food We Eat
by Farah Sardar

My 20 months old loves this one. She loves the pictures of the little kids eating all kinds of fruits. She will point at everything she knows and name them. This is an excellent book because it teaches children in a fun way that all of the foods that we enjoy is from Allah.

The Hajj Adventures of Jamila and Fasfoose
by Ediba Kezziez

A very interesting journey to Makkah by Jamila and her mouse friend Fasfoose. Jamila learned a very valuable lesson that Allah gift of senses, feelings and thought is for us to use wisely in order to choose the right path and to trust our inner feelings.

The Prophets of Allah
by Suhaib Hamid Ghazi

This book is written for children age 8 and above. A very valuable work since this is the only one of its kind. It comes in six volumes each with stories of different Prophets. I only hope that they will make it in paperback so that more people could afford it.

The Ramadan Adventure Of Fasfoose Mouse
by Ediba Kezziez

Another interesting adventure of Jamila and her mouse friend Fasfoose. My 6 year old daughter loves this book even though it has very few illustration and in black and white. We read it almost every Ramadan. She even sang the Eid song with her own made up tune!

The Seven Suras Surprise
by Ediba Kezzeiz

This is a nice story of a girl wanting a birthday party instead she got a lovely surprise party and ended up memorizing seven suras from the Qur'an. Surprise party is a nice idea to encourage little kids to memorized the Qur'an.

Trips To Remember
by Dar Al Fatah

Nice everyday stories from Emaan Reading Series familiarized children with Islamic values and morals. These books come in set of six books at each of the six levels published. Full color illustration. Very affordable. Edited by Bilal Philips.

What Do We Say
by The Islamic Foundation

I think this is one of the must have in our home library. It encourages young children to memorize all the dua and Islamic phrases in a fun way. 

What Should We Say?
by A.R. Kidwai & F.M D'Oyen

A collection of dua' for a slightly older children. Each pages is adorns with nice symmetrical patterns reminding me of patterns that we can see in masjids also known as Arabesq. All duas are in Arabic and translation in English with transliteration. This beautiful book comes in hard cover.

When I Grow Up
by Ediba Kezzeiz

A short book that will arouse little one to inspire for the future. Nicely written.

Zaki's Ramadhan Fast
by Ann El-Moslimany

This story was about a young boy named Zaki who was eager to fast in Ramadhan. A typical Muslim American family, I am sure many can identify with this loving family. 

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