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The Muslim Family

Muslim Children Book Club


Join for a minimum purchase of 4 books
$25 worth of books!

What Do You Get?

  • low prices
  • choose your own titles
  • we can suggest titles
  • choose when to have it sent to you
  • participate in our programs

We can send special packages  under your children's name for that special occasion or simply as a gesture of generosity from you. They'll be delighted to receive this wonderful books in the mail.


We are looking for ways to make this book club a fun and enjoyable thing for your children please email us your suggestions and comments.


Hey girls and boys would you be interested in Essay contest?
T-shirt with Muslim Children Book Club logo?
Tell us what you like!


Email us your favorite links to share with other Muslim kids like you!


Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Palestine.
Who build it and when?
Answer and receive free gift if you are our 100th customer!


The Muslim Children Book Club is for Muslim Family with children. We cater to your needs by suggesting, searching and offering competitive price for the books in our listing.
Email us for a current listing of books available, forthcoming titles will include more books for middle school and high school age children.



You can choose any book that you like from the list. If there is a specific title that you are looking for that is not in the list just email us the title, author and the publisher, inshaAllah we will try to get them for you.

To become a member you simply need to purchase either 4 books or a total of $25 worth of books from the book/price list. After this initial purchase you are eligible to purchase any books in the list any time for a period of one year and receive any special and participate in the program that we have at that time. To activate your membership for the next and upcoming year the same requirement applies.

If there is a title that you are interested in but is not in the list please feel free to email us with your suggestions we will inshaAllah try to get them for you and add these titles to our listing. We will try our best to answer all your questions regarding any titles that you are interested in. We can also fax or email a few pages from the book for you to see. We are always here to help you choose the right books for your children age, gender and interest.

Once you have decide on which title to get simply email us the titles and we will send you the total plus a minimal shipping cost. Send us your check or money order and your books will be in the way.

You can choose to buy all the books at the same time where you can save on shipping and handling or you can have the books sent to you distributed through out the year. The shipping and handling charges is minimal which depends on the weight of your order. Unless your order is heavy the shipping charges usually will run between $3 to $5. We are trying to be fair in charging our customers.

All sales are final. Because of the price that we offer we cannot afford to accept returns unless the books are damage during delivery. We will assist you in all possible ways so that you will have enough information about the books that you are interested in purchasing. 

Our mission at The Muslim Family is to help Muslim families choose the right books for their children at fair prices and provide quality Islamic reading material for their children. We have enjoyed reading these books and we hope others will appreciate and enjoy them as much as we do. Lets read together!

wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah

The family behind The Muslim Family. ;)

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