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Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome!
Excellence through TAKWA

Jazakallahkhair and thank you for stopping by. Check out what we have here for you at The Muslim Family web site. At The Muslim Family we are committed to excellent customer service. Our mission is to help promote good quality Islamic books by mostly Muslim author. We hope to encourage all Muslim family to have plenty of Islamic books for their children. This is to enable the love of Islam and to facilitate Islamic life style in all Muslim children.

To purchase any item on our web site click on 'purchase' button below. Email us your order. We will get back to you in 24 hours to confirm you order. We shipped via USPS. You will receive your order within 1 to 2 weeks inshaAllah.

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Children's Catalog
See our Children's Catalog page we offer great product selection and great personalized customer service! E-mail us if you want more information about any products that are available. To purchase you can either mail or fax your order and mail the payment. Email or call in your order if you prefer these method. You can pay by Paypal and get $5.00 just to open an account!

Muslim Children Book Club
Be a member of the Muslim Children Book Club and get access to quality Islamic books for your children at competitive price. Choose your own titles from the book list. We can also help you choose the right books for your children according to your children interest, gender and age. So join today! Our mission is to promote literacy and the love of reading in all Muslim children. Lets read together!

Muslim Family Book Club
This is a discussion list for mothers and kids. We share information about many different books and we are having a good time! If you have school age children have them send their book report or review of books that they have read. So come join us today!


Services by Muslimah for Muslimah
If you have a business to promote, service to offer or things to sell here is the place! Just email us the detail. Your information will be at the site within a week inshaAllah.

Akeed Integrated Series and Qur'an and Science ebook
The Akeed Series is a labor of love of the author Sister Shamima. Intended for Muslim preschoolers and kindergarteners. These books are the essence of Islamic education which beautifully combine the knowledge of Islam and Science. Excellent for homeschoolers or any parents who wish to teach their young children at home. Check it out! To order email us.
Keep a look out for ebooks by the same author! Send us your email for announcement for the availability of these products.

Tell Me About Hajj
Check out this beautiful new book. A very professionally and beautifully done book that capture the history and essence of Hajj. Your children will love it as much as you do. As promotion we have lower the price so that many can afford it.
Tell Me About Prophet Muhammad is coming soon!


Our Favorite Islamic Books For Children
We  would like to share with you some of our favorite Islamic books for children and adults that we have in our home library. We have added short comments on each one of them so you will have some idea of what the content is like. Also check out the links to free online Islamic books which we think are terrific. 

Islamic Parenting

We have added more information in the parenting page, we hope you enjoy and benefit from reading them. A new section on Islamic education will take you to the history and interesting facts of the old days...Please if you have any interesting facts come share with us! Let the world know your findings. 

Usborne Books
Check out the Usborne Books page. If you have kids these books are worth the money. They are fun and educational and they look so good too. Sure to capture the most reluctant reader. Get excellent encyclopedias and reference books for your children's home library. Ask about our favorites titles! Or be an Usborne Consultant yourself! This is a great way to start a small home business, earn that extra pocket money and what more, have excellent books at your children's disposal all the time!


The learning page on the other hand is a collection of quotes on children's learning and education from books and articles that we have read over the years that we would like to share with you. It provide some insight to understanding the nature of children.

Please email us your feedback, comments or ideas. We will be very glad you did. Also please sign the guest book we would love to know that you were here and if you encounter any problem while surfing here please do not hesitate to email us. Jazakumullahkhairan & may Allah reward you well.

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Join our Muslim Family Book Club. Discuss the latest children's book, parenting or any Islamic book that interest you. We are having a good time while learning about books on different topics. Come share your latest finding and receive information from others!
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