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Akeed Series
This is a set of integrated series that is full of fun activities with many new information to learn, things to read together and most of all is for children to know Allah SWT, His power over the creations and His bounty. 



A Little Seed
Here is a  book that many Muslim parents will enjoy reading to their children. This story is about a little seed that would not grow until it seeked for Allah's help. This new series is meant to help children to link everyday knowledge to the Qur'an. Akeed, the central character in this new series, suggests, persuades and directs chidlren minds to identify with Allah and his creations.  

Islamic Nursery Rhymes

This book contains simple nursery rhymes based on the theme seeds, trees, flowers and fruits. The titles of the rhymes are; 
Allah Has Created Me
A Little Factory
A Tall Tree 
Leaves and Roots for Lunch
Useful and Beautiful.


Activities to Feed Your Child's Growing Mind:
Science and the Qur'an
This is an activity book based on the same theme of seeds and trees. The activities will help your child to learn science by planting seeds and sprouting beans. He/she then learns to connect science to the Qur'an by understanding the role of Allah SWT in the growth process. The activities are appropriate for children ages 3 to 7.


Activities to Feed Your Child's Growing Mind:
Social Science and Hadith
The activities in this book will help your child learn about Prophet Muhammad's SAW way of life and teaching through introduction of hadith related to the theme of this series. He/she will also learn about numbers through a nursery rhyme and 'make and play game'.


Activities to Feed Your Child's Growing Mind:
Concepts and Thinking Skills
The activities in this book will help your child to reinforce his understanding of basic concepts and build his thinking skills.
The concepts that is explored in this book are shapes, sizes and positions. Your child will also learn the order of events, build his observation and thinking skills.


Activities to Feed Your Child's Growing Mind:
English Language
The objective of this book is:
to help your child identify the letter 's'
to help your child practice his/her writing
to help your child understand words through word-picture association.

All books in this series are in soft cover.
This particular title is 25 pages long.











Partial Content
Sprouting A Bean
Growing A Seed
Parts Of A Fruit
Parts Of A Tree
Let's Look In The Qur'an
Roots And Shoots
26 pages






Partial Content
Six Papayas
What Prophet Muhammad's SAW Said?
You Can Make It
Bird Shares Her Breakfast
27 pages



Partial Content
Concepts of Shapes, Sizes and Positions
Skills: Sequence
Thinking Skills:
Can You Tell Me
Do and Discover
Can You Guess What I Am?
25 pages


Partial Content
The letter S
Matching Shapes
Alphabet Fishing
Visual Discrimination
Word Picture Association
30 pages








This whole Akeed set cost $25. Mail your check to:

BrightKids-Akeed Series
2727 Willow Glen Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46229